Oil & Filter service

Regular maintenance for your vehicle is critical to keeping your car safe and avoiding the costs of major reactive engine repairs.

Electrical systems

P and T Auto Service provides Murrieta with quality and affordable electrical repairs on domestic and foreign autos.


We offer OEM exhaust repair, catalytic converter replacements and diagnosis. Anything from street rods to daily commuters.

Tune Ups

P and T Auto Service Repairs And upgrades muscle cars and import tuners, We understand your passion.


Don't let your radiator lower your vehicle's fuel mileage or shorten its engine life. Bring your vehicle into P and T Auto Service in Murrieta, California.


Transmissions often suffer harsh usage whether you do most of your driving on the highway to commute to work or enjoy using them off road.


Your suspension system is what keeps your vehicle in control. It’s made up of your steering, struts, shocks, springs and tires.

Tire Inspection

At P and T Auto Repair we provide regular tire replacements and repairs.

Engine Service And Repair

In order to ensure that your vehicle’s engine runs smoothly, it is important to have regular oil changes and preventative maintenance tune-ups.


As a Murrieta California resident, your vehicle endures more extreme climate conditions. because of this, your car’s climate control systems (heating and A/C) are working hard nearly all year long.


Many of today’s cars have disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in back. And all brakes rely on friction, which is supplied by either a brake pad or a brake shoe to slow and stop your car.

Wheel Alignment

if you experience vibrations in the steering wheel or it feels like the car is pulling to one side, you should have your entire suspension and steering system checked.


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